Play the game your way!

Just what the title says, based in HS but LS is next door and NS is 2 jumps away so we have access to everything. At the corp level, it’s very chill; you’re free to do whatever you’d like. We are mostly indy but part of a LS PVP alliance so social stuff like TeamSpeak, LS gate camps, NS PvP is available but not expected or required. Pings go out to attack/defend structures, hunt targets, camp gates, and mine the resources available in LS and NS but there are no CTAs or required activities.

We are selectively recruiting a few individuals, not looking to become the next big blob or sov holder, not looking to recruit people just to recruit. The ideal person would be self-motivated/directed, comfortable working alone, but also open to group activities from time to time. I’m open to new players that have the right attitude (I’m willing to offer general tips and advice but this is not a teaching corp). No hard skill point requirement, mainly looking at the attitude of the player.

*Based in HS
*Low Sec moon fracs every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday with no ore tax in a dead-end system
*HS moon fracs during the week
*Free refining in bonused, rigged structures (HS and LS)
*Free reactions very close to home (next door to HS)
*Free BPO research in HS
*Maxed boosts
*Corp BPO library
*Pretty much daily PvP ops: gate camping, null hunting, suicide roams, structure pings
*1% corp tax (just to pay for office space)
*Discord/TS 3 for voice comms
*Good access to trade hubs
*LS and NS systems for PI

Any questions you can contact me in game, hop on discord, or join “SSRGE-PUB”.

Daily bump. We’re growing and recruiting is open.

Bumping up, recruiting is still open.

Daily bump, let me know if you have questions.

Daily bump. We are growing and recruiting is still open.

Nice yeet fleet last night, some good kills. Recruiting is still open.

Daily bump, recruiting is still open.

Bumping up, recruiting is still open.

We are still recruiting, let me know if you have questions.

CSM is probably missing someone of this very kind
(Looking for a group)

Still looking for select individuals, recruiting is open.

Seems interesting. Wouldn’t mind having a convo in discord sometime

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