[PLAYER EVENT] Federation Day - Poster Design Contest





I would like to submit one more entry:

High res on Flickr


Is the contest still on? If so, here’s my poster :slight_smile:

media used:
Screenshot (private, EvE online)
Screenshot ( EVE Online | Gallente Federation video, Youtube - EveOnline channel)
Gallente Logo (ruthlessly downloaded from the internet)
subatomic tsoonami - GPL
borg9 - CC0 Public Domain license

o7 - PercyPilgrim


Hello sir!
Cool now i understand the rules! Does my current entry comply with that or? I don’t think i violated any copyright terms since i just took inspiration and implemented that in another context.

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Your submitted work is valid, and part of the current entries, keep working if you have more inspiration!.


Cool sir thank you very much!

When is the deadline, sorry?

This is an Intaki proverb of some relevance:

(( I’m unsure of the expectations for properly accrediting media resources here, but this is an in-game screenshot modified through a Prisma filter. The translated proverb, as well as the corresponding “original” Intaki language around the border, is from the player-made resource of the Vaanin k’Intaki. ))

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It’s My Federation Day Poster “Remember Hueromont”
High res


June 25th I can’t set a specific time since the forum doesn’t show the exact date + time for posting, but anything that has at least 12hrs by the time we review the submitted posters on sunday.

I’ll clarify that in the original post.

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So i rectified my poster a bit since it was quite less visible to others… How’s it now?

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A bit better but maybe a text outline or shadow might make it much easier to read even now.


second contribution

full CC0 Public Domain this time :smiley:

o7 PercyPilgrim

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Prizes and rewards for the Poster Design contest has been increased and updated.


Ohhh hmm will try. Cool thanks!

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Well, that’s something there. So much something.


Sir when will the results be announced?

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Any news on contest results?

Hello everyone

My sincere apologies for the delay in announcing the winners of the Poster Design contest YC124.

First and foremost, allow me to clarify some of the aspects reviewed when deciding the winners of this year event:

  1. Relation to the theme selected this year (Pioneering of frontier worlds and ideals of the Federation)
  2. Overall composition balance, quality, color palette, design, recognizable Federation iconography or items such as ships, attire, or locations.
  3. Use of text, in a way that adds to the overall impact of the poster.
  4. Use of margins or frame, intended for the poster to be put on display.

Taking the above into consideration this year’s winners are:
@Miyoshi_Akachi (1st entry)
@Percy_Pilgrim (1st entry)

Notable mentions go to:

Thank you to everyone who has participated this year.

Prizes and rewards will be shortly delivered in a contract on the Dodixie Market hub.

Alain Colcer

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