Please Close no longer for Sale

This toon for sale, 66.4Mill SP, ships can fly as per skills link,
No Kill Rights
in NPC,
Positive Wallet
3 Jump Clones all Hisec
207 ship skins
Character located in Hek VIII - Moon 12 - Boundless Creation Factory
Offers please…will wait for best offer

55b up for 24 hours

56B offer

Both bids noted

57 bil

Offer removed

All bids noted…looking for just a little bit more

58B In game offer within 10hour.

Sorry about this…still waiting on CCP Support to fix this…as I said character is still stuck in Alpha state…the fix they sent me didn’t work, so it’s back with them now…sorry

character now at Omega stage so can go ahead with the 58B offer
character now at Omega stage so can go ahead with the 58B offer

Your refresh token seems that have expired or its invalid.

Due to ongoing issues with this account…CCP are a aware but are still working on a solution, I dont think its fair to sell this on to another member, therefor I am closing this sale

CCP please close this sale, no longer valid

Clone status doesnt transfer with a character. You can sell an alpha or omega, but it will gain the status of whoever buys it.

If you sell the omega, and the buyer is alpha, then it will be an alpha upon them retrieving the character

Vice versa, if you stayed at alpha, and the buyer account was omega, then the character would be omega upon them getting the character.

Clone status is account bound, not character bound.

Closed at request of Op