Please close

Have a Tiamat for sale docked in 4-4 24 kill marks

whats price bro?

Looking for offers, I don’t NEED to sell it. If the right number pops up I’ll sell if I’m lowballed I’ll ignore it.


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320bil isk

To the top for the spicy vedmak!


To the top, also interested in trade for a fiend.

Mail me what you actually want for it

Home soon then I will mail.

Mail sent

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To the top

Tiamat to the top!

Have an in game offer I will probably take after confirmation but still for sale at this moment.


Tiamat to the top

Interested in a trade for a fiend +isk your way or maybe a Raiju… isk in whatever direction makes sense.

Do you have a discord, friend?

Messaged you

Were you still interested in the Tiamat?

I would take it for 380b

but for 400 I would rather buy the Cambion

So the evemail you accepted at 390 is null eh?