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Corp looking for Alliance
(Nitshe Razvedka) #3

I’m Hetro n proud, you should “Penis Out” and check out " Bungee Echo Vaginaa" ( that’s my corp.) We bounce in and wreck stuff. I like Vaginaa, we r a tight bunch.


(Francis McLean) #6

Join us, and bring order to the galaxy :milky_way:

(Francis McLean) #8

Come get dank frags! :gun::gun::gun: :bomb::bomb::bomb:

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(Francis McLean) #10

Bang bang come have some fun :boom:

(Francis McLean) #11

If your corp wants a dank PVP alliance hmu

(Francis McLean) #12

Dank content, competent alliance leadership, and some awesome times await! :100: :100: :100:

(Francis McLean) #13

Come chat with us you won’t regret it!


(Francis McLean) #14

:gun: :boom: :sweat_drops:

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please delete mod