Please Delete

Total SP: 21,084,209
Unallocated: 52,928
Wallet Balance: Positive
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clones: 0
Remaps: 2 available.
Toon Location: Jita
Corp: NPC
Sec status: 0

  • Slot 1: Limited Ocular Filter - Beta
  • Slot 2: Limited Memory Augmentation
  • Slot 3: Limited Neural Boost - Beta
  • Slot 4: Limited Cybernetic Subprocessor

Over 5 mil SP in scanning alone. Would like to see some offers and see what this character is worth.
Considering selling if there is interest.

1 isk.

Very helpful, thanks. Have a great day.

You wanted to know how much your character was worth. I’m telling you what I think it’s worth and the amount I might be willing to offer in exchange for it.

Do you have something else in mind?

Yup, I read it. I will reiterate that I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and I think your offered price (and this reply) was an amazing contribution to what I’m looking for.

Nothing but good vibes to you.

You’re not very good at this haggling thing are you. You’re supposed to say something like,

“Well, that’s a pretty low ball offer, and that’s not going to work for me. How about 8 bil isk?”

Then I would return with with “that seems pretty high, how about 4?”

This process continues until some sort of compromise is made, or someone else enters in with a better offer.

As the title suggests, I’m looking to get opinions on the value of this character.

If you feel that a 20mil sp character is worth 1isk, great. But it just seems like a petty way to attempt lower the seller’s opinion of value. Hey, if it works for you, awesome.

If you want to make a real assessment of value, cool. If not, please move along.


Why are saying my 1 isk is not a real assessment?

10 billion ISK

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