Please remove these annoying roaming trig groups from hi-sec

I wish that were true but I’m not :confused: The bug shows up in weird ways and I have no ideas (edit:hard evidence) on where it comes from, just a theory about it because I’ve coded games before. That theory I’m willing to suffer through on my own if need be :white_heart:

I didn’t say You are only one ever… :wink:

btw have you submitted bug report on it?

Yes, with screenshots even. Makes no sense to bellyache about a problem on a forum if you aren’t also proactive with bug reports, imho.

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I am a new player, I was not afk, I was watching the screen while mining and clicking my scanner to observe the M3 of the asteroid slowly tick down . RED FLASH and WHAM !!! in my pod with no ship. 1 shot killed me. asked in chat if anyone knew the player who had done this to me to plan for my revenge only to find out it was an NPC in HI SEC !!! . this gives me absolute disgust there is no way to reconcile this debt at all. I will not uninstall this game for 2 weeks but if this happens again bye bye BS chikaneese game for sure. HI SEC should be HI SEC , and BOT killer NPCs should never never never never attack a lowbie ship under any circumstances. I can deal with fellow players killing me off and leaving me a name and a face to hunt down but these NPC killer bots are really stupid. As for now I do not ever see me going Omega with dumb crap like this. time will tell , this game has 2 weeks to regain my interest and trust.


You have a tool called “Directional Scanner” that will detect any Raznaborg within 14 AU of you.

If the system has Raznaborg, it will have it all day. Once you see them, you know your system is not safe.

Any loss you suffer as a new player is trivial in the long run (and honestly, in the short run).

This is not an “unfair mechanic” it is a threat that is trying to teach you how to deal with the other, larger threats that will appear in the game, both from players and AI.

There are counter-plays to the action, but EVE is about learning, and death is the teacher. You can either accept that you have a lesson to learn, and learn it, or you can reject that and look forward to suffering a similar fate in the future.

If you need help or guidance, MALRO would be happy to help.


On a tangential note: there is no difference between multiple accounts paying with PLEX or cash, if one wanted to argue it, you could say that CCP makes more money off of people who pay with PLEX…

vOv just sayn’

This is not true. the system had no Raznaborg until they warped on top of me and then they poofed . I had an extra venture 5 jumps away and when I came back I sat on top of my other wreckage and finished mining that same asteroid. they were not there for a whole day. just the 5 seconds it took to 1 shot kill me. You have a tool its called " Intelligence" you better make sure you equip it before commenting on public access forums.

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There will also be a site called emerging conduit.
Not to mention they are visible for several seconds while they warp on grid in both space and the overview, though you might need to check your overview settings are correct and you use the right overview to see them.
If you filtered your deepscan you also wouldn’t see them with the wrong filter.

Look, we get it, you are new, you got surprised by them, it sucks. But right now you are attacking people who are providing you information on how to avoid them in the future. Because they are quite avoidable.
And fitting your mining ships with plenty of tank avoids the instant dead also. They only near enough instant kill you with no tank.

So FYI we hunt the Trig every day. I have also spoken to some of the leading Raznaborg hunters. If they are starting to spawn midday, I would love a report so I can do some more investigation.

That said, what I described is the best of our understanding. So far in every case that someone thought they were safe, it was simply that the Raznaborg was outside of Dscan range when they checked. You can monitor dscan to ensure they don’t get the jump on you either way.

I am not attacking anyone. I am only posting my support for the OP here…

this is what he said. I am a new player and had this very thing happen to me and so I am simply posting that I am a new player who is about to be run off by the game itself as was said by the OP. if you think I am not doing something right, or correctly then you are wrong. I am a new player playing a pvp game , I fully expected this happening from a fellow player and as such I had an extra set up banked just for this. however it was not a player it was not a omega subber with a big fancy ship picking on the little guy. it was the game itself. it randomly picked a newbie out of a hat and assassinated them (me) for no reason what so ever. and this is what the OP said is driving the new player away from this game there by killing the longevity of it. and I as a new player am stating that he is correct. like I said before this games got a little less than 2 weeks now for me to make up my mind if it retains the HD space I have loaned it , or if it wins the uninstall/change/delete button. so if the devs have any clue what so ever. delete these npc kill groups soon. before your company goes belly up and this game fades into nothing.

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That’s bullsh*t, D-scan only works up to 14 AU range. Also the Trig Scouts are programed to randomly spawn at specific locations when a player ship lands on Grid so you can’t know for sure if they’re around or not.

I was in a system that had an Emerging Conduit anomaly and I needed to check Market info for a specific strusture to dock in, I cloak warped with my T3 Loki Cruiser from the Jumpgate to the sun which was way over 14 AU away and a pack of Trig Scouts spawned just as I came out of warp at the sun.

There’s no way to see them on D-scan when doing that. In my opinion the whole game mechanic pertaining to them was implemented simply to harass and annoy high sec players.

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Yes this is what is concerning, the raznies will patrol regular asteroid belts. It looks like ice miners complained and got them removed from ice belts, but along with these things, the FOBs, and NPC miners, regular asteroid belts are just death traps. They may as well be removed from the game. A newbie should not have to worry about having his venture insta blapped in a belt by a game entity.

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It’s their server and they can do whatever they want.

It’s his alt.

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