Please remove these annoying roaming trig groups from hi-sec

Blackout wasn’t the only change added recently that may have contribued to reduced player count. Another change was these roaming trig groups in empire. These npcs typically camp stations and own newbies and anyone who is not paying attention at the time. Concord does nothing about them.

These station camping trig npcs add no value to gameplay. All they do is act as an annoyance for anyone they catch out. If you can be certain of one thing, they don’t help with player retention.

Hi-sec already has a big enough problem with dedicated squadrons of nullsec players wiping out targets of value, or in some cases anyone unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place when they are online. Now we need npc bots who will camp stations in what is supposed to be “High security space” to murder players too?

It’s almost as if they want people to quit the game.


The gist is that the Empires are failing and under invasion from Sansha, Trigs and Drifter/Sleepers. Soon there might even be Jovians again, who knows. Either way I think this is a preface to highsec shrinking a bit.


Oh I agree 100%. Highsec will be shrinking a bit as a result of daft changes that add no value to gameplay.


Its not like random highsec miners add much value. Not compared to entire fleets of injected rorquals.


I’m sure CCP agree with your statement that Hi-sec miners add no value. It’s not like they are subscribed to the game or plex their accounts to play is it?

Let them quit. CCP didn’t want those players anyway.


Injected rorquals worth more, your isolated and small existence worth very little. You are like NPC but give criminal timer when shot.


Thanks for making my point about why CCP should never listen to the likes of players such as yourself, without me having to explain a single thing.


you might find foot in mouth, suggest using force to remove


You said it yourself. Newbies should keep attention, problem solved.


It’s impossible to be paying attention at all times. If you have a life, family, kids, job, you just can’t pay attention at all times.

I was playing another mmo recently where it required my full attention for too long periods. I already cancelled my subscription to that game.

Nobody has said what these station camping trigs offer to the game. They are purely an annoyance in a part of the game that is supposed to be “High securty”.


I just killed a guy in wormhole, because he wasn’t paying attention. I guess CCP wants to enforce this rule in all areas. There were many threads before about the safety of HS, like “make HS more dangerous”, “Code can’t keep up”, etc. and this is CCP’s response I guess.

HIgh security means just that, you have a police around, but that doesn’t mean crime can’t happen. Nobody is immune, I agree that NPC’s can be annoying, because they don’t log off, get tired or run out of ships, but…You saw how CCP ended blackout, so anything is possible.


Average age of eve player was 31 and male iirc, the complaint about needing too much attention won’t get you very far.


Note: If you hit a moment that you won’t be able to pay attention then dock up. Otherwise you accept the risk of being AFK at the helm.


I agree with this statement 100%. I have a family/kids, so sometimes, my play sessions are interrupted for 5 to 10 minutes. When I have to step away, I dock up (or cloak) - take care of real life - then pick up where I left off upon my return.


Me too, the moment I step away from the keyboard and my ship is still in space, I expect anything to happen, so I acknowledge the risk.


Triglavian scouts are a BIG threat to 2 types of miners:

  1. Newbie miners in a Venture
  2. AFK miners

I am concerned that new players are getting unfairly punished in high sec because they can’t afford a better ship. Perhaps increase Triglavian reaction time upon warping into grid? On the other hand, I have very little sympathy for AFK miners, so I’m happy to see Triglavians making AFK activities harder.


A newbie miner in a venture is completely on edge scared out of their mind that they will be jumped by players every waking second (or at least they should be). They aren’t effected by Trigs because they are ready to warp out in a split second.

AFK miners on the other hand, working as intended.


Highsec has a bigger problem of boredom and lifelessness.

I’m sure there is some room for tweaking these things if you have a constructive suggestion, but too many new players are bored out of this game, or out-competed by veterans AFK-ing all the resources with their low-attention/low-effort multiboxing-style of game play, that something needs to change.

You shouldn’t be able to expect to let your game client generate you resources without risk so you can make dinner for your kids while you “play” the game. You shouldn’t feel entitled to playing this game without losing a ship ever. So many things break when players figure out how to avoid all loss and pimp their ships out to the point no newer player can compete.

I doubt these things are perfect. They should be a bigger risk to established, complacent veterans than new players. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t - only CCP has the data - but they have to start somewhere.


I’ve never been attacked by a Triglavian in a Venture, so i genuinely don’t know the answer. I’ve heard from people that claim the Venture gets popped instantly, and they have no chance to warp out. Is this true?

Or is this coming from people who don’t want to admit they were AFK / distracted?

An excuse to revert other changes not liked.