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WTB Naglfar Character

I’m looking to buy a character that can fly a Naglfar, and not tons of other stuff. Probably somewhere around 20-30M SP

What I’m looking for (I may be willing to overlook some of this if the price is low or the character has SP in other places that can be extracted):
-Minmatar Dreadnought 5
-Capital Autocannon Specialization 4
-Most core support skills at 5 (magic 14, gunnery supports, etc)

Good jump drive skills are not required but of course nice to have

If I’ve forgotten to list something that’s usually important feel free to let me know and I will edit the post to specify

As per Character Bazaar rules, all offers must be made by the character being offered and include a link to an up to date (or other well known skills ESI site such as or page for the character, and the character must be in an NPC corp and have a positive wallet. Location, jump clones, active killrights on the character, etc must be disclosed.

Reply with your offers!

Edit: No longer looking, mods please close this thread


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