We are growing slowly but steady.

Be part of our humble corp and alliance

still open for new members to be part of our humble house

If you like to have targets all around you and don’t have any commitments nor obligations then we could be a good option for you.

up to the top we go

Come enjoy the NPC Null lifestyle with a great bunch of guys!

Fun group

The Morgue. is a really chill group, I joined them a month ago and I am 100% satisfied.

With the approval of the alliance leader, I announce you that my french corporation, The Final Gate, is openly recruiting in the same terms than the alliance: we enjoy the game and play it as it is, far from all usual nullsec conditions.

we are still open for new family members

hi could i have an invite? new player here :slight_smile: )

we are still open and looking for the right type of pilots

Looking for a corp, check us out:(

this corp is good. come bully mission runners with us!

join us and help to kill frt

looking for pvp orientated pilots to be part of our house

feel free to join our discord and talk to us

You up for the challenges?

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if you like a simple and relaxed game experience then make sure to join us

still open for new corps and pilots

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