Polarized - C4 to C2/C5 - AU/EU Corporation looking for fresh blood


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Hello folks!

Polarized is a corporation of friendly players who live and breathe all aspects of wormhole activities. If you enjoy small gang PvP in wormholes and null space, then we are the corporation for you. We live in a C4 with a C5 and C2 static and are looking for awesome people to come fly with us.

Our current active timezones are in AU and early to mid EU. We are building our later night EU TZ as is starting to grow. We are looking for active PvP pilots or people who wish to learn to PVP in WH space. In order to apply you must meet our

Minimum requirements:
Discord with a working microphone
5m Skillpoint minimum (exceptions are made on rare occasions)
Ability to fly and scan with a covert-ops scanning ship

In addition to the above minimum requirements we also look for (but not required):
Extra/Extensive PvP experience
Ability to fly a heavy armor ship
Ability to fly recon/stratios effectively
Fleet commanders

If you want to join the corporation and help build it from the ground up, or just want to join a group of fun and friendly pods, Join our public channel, *Polarized* (with asterisks!) and say hello! You can reach Alextras Tesla, Syzaros Zar, or Valleriani for your recruitment needs.

Note: Industry pilots are welcome as we have a setup for it in the wormhole, however, we expect you to protect and PVP with us as well!

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Still looking for players!

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Still recruiting.

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We are still recruiting!

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Still recruiting

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We are recruiting.

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We are recruiting

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any effects in your WH and are shields and missiles compatible with corp doctrine

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If you spent your day in a well, can you say your day was well-spent?

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The answer is always yes

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oh and BTW, still recruiting!

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oh and BTW, still recruiting!

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