Police Corporation (FSC) RECRUITING

What is The Federal Security Corporation?

Serving as the police force for areas that CONCORD can’t reach. The Federal Security Corporation acts as an unstoppable force of consequence for anyone breaking the law in areas where police forces in High Security Areas can’t reach. The Federal Security Corporation functions as a "private police force " that inflicts it’s wraith primary to organizations that normally “break laws” or are considered immoral in civilized space.

The Federal Security Corporation or better known as The FSC is at it’s core a PvP “anti-piracy” focused corporation. The FSC has a primary focus of asset protection, system policing and anti-piracy in space that can provide police protection. The FSC also provides industry to finance it’s services in protection of itself and others. The FSC also provides a casual role play environment for other capsuleers.

All players are welcome, Alpha, Omega, New, Old, Returning, the person is more important than the SP.

What we offer?

  • PvP (Hunting Pirates & Pirate Corporations)

  • Friendly Environment

  • Support for new players

  • Roleplaying; A Police Force Aesthetic Feel

What we need?

  • Active players

  • Positive attitude

  • Microphone & Discord

Addtional Info: We are currently forming our home station in lo-sec. We have the funds and means. Feel free to PM me or add me on discord at BattlEye™#4443

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What sort of “support” are you offering for new players?

Fleet ships, ship-buyback program and help with skilling into what we need. We have prebuilt combat ships that our pilots jump into for interdiction & defense.

I’d like to discuss this more with you if possible. If you’d like, send me your discord username and we’ll see what happens from there.



Waiting for invite.

The username is incorrect.

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