[PR08E] Probe Patrol Wormhole PvP


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We are a PvP corp that hunts in and around wormhole space (including all its connections to low sec and null).

We have a long history and have currently re-formed.

We are looking for new members who are adaptable - as each day in the wormhole is different.

We use a range of ships from T1 to T2 and of course T3! There is always a place for you in our fleets!

We also have an excellent environment to earn ISK, from P.I, combat sites, mining ore, mining gas, etc, etc.

There’s always something to do or someone to shoot.

The corp has a solid backbone of experienced players who can help with advice or ship fits.

Pub Channel: PR08E

Contact Jameswyh (Euro TZ)
Uveee (US TZ)

(Duke Wendo) #2


I wanted to add that we have a core membership that have been with Probe for years. Like stated, we have a mian focus on PvP, however we are 100% focused on the members.

What this means is that, in Probe Patrol, we won’t tell you what to do and where and when to do it. You are free to persue whatever goals you set for yourself. You want to build your own ships, you can… you want to do Planet Interaction, you can, you want to run sleeper sites, no problem, have some fun in pvp, great!

There will ALWAYS be someone in Probe that has been there, done that…

Probe can offer you a home, we are laid back- we play the game for FUN.
We aren’t the best at anything, but we aren’t elitist either.

Give us a try!

Probe old PvP vids

Duke o/

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