Press Release: Dr Wilson's Alliance - AKA Terror Squad

To whom it may concern.

After a hiatus, I am now seeking employees and corporations willing to work together for mutual defense, and trade and PVP.
My goal is to become the largest empire in New Eden. I understand this goal will be a long term, multi year endeavor and hope to inspire others to join me in my crusade against the pirate and factional empires.
Our goal is peace in New Eden, and prosperity for all. At any cost. Those who are against these ideals and who wish to challenge our position in New Eden, may do so at a heavy loss.

Those interested in joining us in this goal, are urged to apply in game to Terror Squad or Dr Wilsons Alliance.

Thank you and I hope to see you in space soon!

Dr Wilson
CEO Terror Squad

I believe in this product and or service, go get em!

Daily Bump :smiley: <3

Daily Bump <3

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