Price check (2003 character 158m sp)

Am considering selling one of my characters, what would character fetch on auction?

They will probably tell you value is about 145-150B because of extractor/injector value. However id say you should be able to get atleast 155-165ish due to the age. I personally might be interested so I will keep an eye on your thread.

If you want to sell it however make sure to add all of the correct information as required by the character bazaar rules.

Check ingame mail when you have a chance.

Just FYI, anyone who mails you in-game rather than posting offers here is afraid that someone with more isk (like me) is going to outbid them. :wink:

You posted it publicly, so why not keep it public? It is to your benefit anyway, as I’m sure many players would want your toon!


P.S. I fully agree with Nerdz Rool on the valuation.

Hey Rupee,

Interested in buying me?

Thanks for the response/advice I’m consolidating assets before I choose which of my characters to put up for sale. 165b sounds good, I can feel the greed monster putting ideas in my head before thinking it through.

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