Price Check 2006 char

(Caldari Citizen 523371799) #1

Price check this character

Born January 2006
1m SP
No history

Also have various other low sp named chars 2006-2008

(Caldari Citizen 523371799) #2

anyone? bump

(Tiddle Jr) #3

I’m interested

(Caldari Citizen 523371799) #4

I’m trying to get a price check not gage interest, bump

(Tiddle Jr) #5

booo, any chance you can link your skills layout?

(Caldari Citizen 523371799) #6

(Nerdz Rool) #7

This is the wrong forum for price checks though, might be the reason people want to buy it.

Nonetheless, I reckon you can het about 3-4,5B for it. A little more with some luck.

(system) #8

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