Price check 44.5m sp subcap pvp

Returning old player thinking of fresh start. If all im being offered is extracting price ill just keep and do that myself.

implants +4’s
Located in Jita
Positive Wallet
Not NPC Corp as this is a price check but can drop if offers get serious
No Kill rights

Am looking to possibly sell to someone to use and not mothball.

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can offer 30b now

35b ?

How much are you asking for it?

@Car_Ryya_Stuff thanks for checking me out ! I’m looking for around 35-40B. If I was gonna sell this character to be extracted I would just do it myself.

Final 24 hours before ill just extract myself. I figured someone would of been interested in buying her to actually use

Would you accept 33b ?

How much would you get if you were to extract?

31-32b would be extraction price. I was hoping to sell for a little more then that as id rather someone buy to use. I could extract myself and save the 20 USD if thats all im being offered

I hear you hope you stick it out and look for a buyer instead of someone to skill extract. im waiting for a buyer for my toon. want it to go to a person thats gonna use it

I’ll definitely be sticking it out. I can easily extract myself and keep my IRL money lol. Only way im selling is for someone buying her as she’s already trained and ready to go fly. I’ll check your character out just link me the sell thread

Thanks. I’m also looking for 35b

So sorry Stacey! Thanks for the 33b bid but I’m looking for over 35 bil

bump ! Still looking for someone to take me home to use and defile me

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