Price check 46M SP

(rangerwolfy) #1

Debating what to do with this toon i was given.

Can someone help me check the price on it. Of course clone would be moved to high sec

Thank you,

(Brock Khans) #2

I’d say you could get around 40b easily for it

(rangerwolfy) #3

Thanks @Brock_Khans advice on making it worth more?

(Brock Khans) #4

Top off some of the rorq skills, get the mining drone to V and the 2nd mining drone to IV, looksl ike you can sit in a rorq but not use excavators. Rorq pilots are always hot and got for a lot more. Capital skills will pay the bills, looks like you have a decent Jump skill base, JDC V is always a plus, and any drone skills that benefit fighters (pretty much al supporting drone skills)

I’m sure you could get more than 40b if you’re patient enough.

(rangerwolfy) #5

T Y @Brock_Khans

(system) #6

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