Price check 46M SP

Debating what to do with this toon i was given.

Can someone help me check the price on it. Of course clone would be moved to high sec

Thank you,

I’d say you could get around 40b easily for it

Thanks @Brock_Khans advice on making it worth more?

Top off some of the rorq skills, get the mining drone to V and the 2nd mining drone to IV, looksl ike you can sit in a rorq but not use excavators. Rorq pilots are always hot and got for a lot more. Capital skills will pay the bills, looks like you have a decent Jump skill base, JDC V is always a plus, and any drone skills that benefit fighters (pretty much al supporting drone skills)

I’m sure you could get more than 40b if you’re patient enough.

T Y @Brock_Khans

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