Price check 56,8m SP

Price check, please

Price check, please
I want to know the price before possible sale.

Well, it is a good subcap toon, not a perfect of course, because perfect or at least good subcap toon will be around 75-100 mln SP with all required skills, also this toon has more than 50mln SP, it means Skill Injector will give less SP amount (300k), so…if somebody will want to train some skills(maybe learn something to lvl V), then ofc he will pay about 50b, so, I think starting bid must be 50 billions, if you are lucky and a buyer will say “oh, that’s awesome toonie and I can use it as my pvp subcap alt”, then why not, you will get 1:1 SP:billions, so 56b. 50b is a fair price, extraction value is 46b + 4b cost of 1000 PLEX required for toon transfer. Set B/O between 60-65b.


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