Price Check on 29.5M Minmatar

Considering selling some of my old characters. How much is an oddball like this worth nowadays?

Relevant Details:
Has most pre-rework boost skills, but needs the new one to fly Command Ships again.
Flys almost everything sub-cap from Minmatar with a 5 (4 for some like Strat Cruiser which has 5 on all sub-systems).

18 bil

20b b/o

If I was to develop the skills a bit further (Finish T3 Cruiser/Destroyer to 5 and 4/5 the new burst skill for Command ships) would it help the value enough to justify the additional training time? I also forgot to mention that it has 256k SP waiting to be allocated.

i wouldn’t let people try low ball you thats not a bad toon tbh

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