Price check on Amarr Pilot 23m SP

Looking for price check. 23m SP, thank you.

Here is the link : EveSkillboard - Amiir Yassavi

You can expect from 10-15b. Usually more focused and on demand ships like dreads can get more.

My offer is 12b b/o.

@DemonX_Bane id be happy to complete the deal tonight if your truly interested with a better offer. Can you make a better offer? I mean the character itself can create 37 skill injectors according to the Eveskill board. If thats the case at the cheapest price for a Large Skill Injector of 634k according to Large Skill Injector - EVEMarketer that would be 23 bil. Can you find in your budget to do better than 12b and still be profitable for yourself? If so lets get a deal done 12 bil is not enough.

@Amiir_Yassavi Hello. Yes I am interested. If you checked my past posts, you will notice that I have been looking for a amarr sub cap pilot. I dont have any intention to strip it of sp. My reason for bid is that it got good gunnery support which will save me some time (I still gotta train cybernetics 5, biology 5 along with lvl 5 for amarr bs/cruisers etc).

My bid of 12b was based on the price of 37 LSI as well. However your calculation is a bit off since you arent factoring in the skill extractor cost (which is 300-305m approx). So even if its stripped its final value will be LSI-Extractor = final cost, which is approx 11.6b-11.7b)

You can verify my information by checking the finished sale/ ongoing bid prices. Considering you also wanna sell it now, I would increase my bid to 12.5b.

Let me know if that works and we can get it going.

PS: I usually check the forums once a day around this time, so reply might be a bit slow.

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