PRICE CHECK Paladin PVE marauder price check and might buy

I want a paladin character to do the worst thing possible: rat in wh space.
It should be able to use a paladin obviously. Don’t really want anything else except for relevant skills in the correct places.

Might aswell go big with a dread but if youre sticking to the paladin. I have myself that can fly a paladin and dread.

92mil SP here with Paladin lev V all maxed, subcap PVP/PVE only, abyssal/officer fit paladin, and a full Asklepian + Lev V hardwiring implant set.

So that dread character is 25bil? I would bye it since I do need a dread character soon, only problem is I don’t have the isk. Maybe in some time I will buy a dread character. I’ll ask for yours if it hasn’t sold by that time.

Sounds good, I plan on training it into a naglfar, just a heads up. its gonna have more sp when you see it again.

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