[PriceCheck] 18+mill SP 2008 Fighter

(Arvin Maki) #1

I have been contemplating starting playing EVE again, as I am in search of a game at the moment. It has been such a long time I’d most likely be interested in selling my old main and getting a new start, especially with the skill injections now available.

So, anyone with some insight (or offers I suppose, however I’d also make a new post to sell as that seems to be the rule) I’d appreciate it. Details below.


Fighting centered 18.72 mill SP toon.
Born February 7, 2008
-8.06 Security Status
No kill rights
1 yearly remap, 1 bonus remap

(Ember Fireheart) #2


(Captainamazing) #3

12b bo

(Gary Bell) #4

14 b/o right now… evemail me

(system) #5

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