Pricecheck my alt

mostly just been an old trash alt for krabbing and lighting cynos. oh and the occasional interdictor dualbox roam

Crappy Sec Status but easily remedied.

Ichooseyou have offered 19b
Maize has offered 22b

Curious to see if its worth selling to one of them.

Skill extraction alone will net you around 20 bill isk. Add to that the fact that you have to pay the transfer cost, id say 22+ would be decent. Not really specialized in anything, kinda generic skills and missing some core ones. Maizes offer would probably be the most accurate, but you can try instigating a bidding war. Set the buyout to maybe 25 bill, thats about as high as it would possibly get.

That’s what I was thinking. 17£ for transfer. Would be more profitable to just extract and biomass when done. Thanks!

Well, no need to biomass. You can still sell the carcass. You can only extract until 5 million SP, and there are plenty of people willing to buy a 5 million SP character for 3-4 billion isk. They turn the 5 million SP chars into skillpoint farms.

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