Private citadel trade

Private citadel trade

  1. Sell 5 citadels 3B
    Shenela - Taxation Office (Antiquated.)
    Shenela - M-00 (Torchwood Solutions)
    Shenela - M-02 (Torchwood Solutions)
    Chidah - CM-00 (Torchwood Solutions)
    Chidah - CM-01 (Torchwood Solutions)
    You can strip Fuels and modules without 1 service module.
    After reinforce timer and complete repair, transfer owenership to NACHO Battle Pixies .
    B-PIX will pay as soon as possible after transfered ownership.

  2. Your corp ,your relaeted alt corp and character don’t build Structure Chidah Shenela Sooma for 1 year.
    (2022 May 5th)

  3. Your corp ,your relaeted alt corp and character don’t interfere with our mining, transportation and production activities in Anares constellation for 1 year.
    (2022 May 5th)

B-PIX don’t interfere with the movement of your assets for 1 month.

I accept this trade

Not sure why you need to make a fourm thread here? CCP only enforce threads in character bazaar fourm, you are free to scam anywhere else. No point in clogging up forums.

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