Private Sale

(Evil Triumph) #1

Selling my own alt to August Hiigara under all CCP Rules.

ID: Kelly Triumph

Selling this character to August Hiigara, awaiting the ISK. Transfer will be process asap once I received ISK.

Waiting on August Hiigara confirm this trade.

(August Hiigara) #2

Confirm that I´m buying that toon from Evil Triumph under all CPP Rules. ISK will be send to Evil Triumph.

(Assistant Christina) #3

what’s the price for this cute girl?

(Evil Triumph) #4

3.6B since this is a friend-only sale :smiley:

(Assistant Christina) #5

i have to say that you got a talent in shaping cute girls in EVE :slight_smile:
fly safe o7

(Evil Triumph) #6

Isk received. The character transfer has been started :slight_smile: o7