Private sale

Character is at Jita 4-4 Station
Character Wallet: 820 Million
In the head of the character are cheap implants
There are 2 more clones with implants in the Stacmon system
the character is not banned, the rules of the CCP company are consistent and can be sold
Bargain price was 40 billion

character must be in NPC corp

In the game, he is already in the NPC corporation
Deep Core Mining Inc.

36 billion offer

36.5Bil offer

37 billion


38 billion offer


38.5 billion

38.6 bil. iskies rdy

38.7 billion


39.5 billion



Dear, yesterday there was an agreement of 40 billion with the user @vidro_unknow, so thanks for your suggestions, but the character is sold

comfirm. isk and acc name sent

Transfer started, 10 hours started

Character Transfer Received thank you