Private Sale

Private sale of novelty character created on 2022-02-22 @ 22:22:23

account name: Take 22
skillpoints: 384,047
wallet balance: 10,000 ISK
killrights: none
jump clones: none
location: Jita 4-4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
buyer: Twosday
price: 18,141,500,000 ISK
ISK should be sent to: Plex Printer
all ccp rules apply

It appears the buyer ‘Twosday’ changed their mind on collecting characters made on 2022.2.22 and proceeded to send 110,000 ISK.

On March 9th the message was received:
“Thank you. But unfortunately, I have to cancel the trade. I sent you some money as compensate.”

No transaction or transfer will occur. This private sale can be discontinued.

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