Private trade

(Minmatar Citizen 204684533) #1

This is a private trade for this character:

being sold to Blathmac Dal Fiatach
for 2 billion isk

isk should be sent to “cynosural fieid”
notice that there are 2 "i"s in “Cynosural FieId”

(Blathmac Dal Fiatach) #2

Do you mind if I send ISK to char, which I want to buy?

(Minmatar Citizen 204684533) #3

you are right, send the isk to this character instead. (:

(Minmatar Citizen 204684533) #4

Isk received, initiating transfer.
Thank you for the trade, have fun!

(Blathmac Dal Fiatach) #5

Toon was received, thank you!