Problems with Orca Mining Command Ship

The Issue I have with producing an Orca is the following
1 ) How does the Orca move without Propulsion Engines?

  1. How foes the Orca power its systems without Power Supplies?

  2. How does the Orca protect itself from Pirates & Riff-Raff without Shields?

  3. How does the Orca protect itself from Riff-Raff without armor?

These are things that were overlooked when designing the Orca blueprint and need to be added. I have no problem as do other capsuleers when constructing an Orca but these 4
Points need to be added to the Orca blueprint to correct that omission. If you look at an
Orca when its has been built, it has these features but without the corresponding materials

Doesn’t need it because it uses subcap engines, armor and shields. Orca is not a true capital. So while it may have some capital components included. Not everything is capital grade.

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It needs single XL majestic devastator catapult cannon launcher to fit omnipotent pulverizing death ray desintegrator into.

Supported by ballisticstabiliser magnoheatsink dmg modules…

…orca is fine.

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Orca is currently selling for a little over 600 million - roughly twice the cost of a Mackinaw - which feels a bit unbalanced to me. That spread used to be roughly 4X. I don’t think it would be unreasonable for CCP to add a few components to the bill of material to get the price more in line with the capability.

Orca is only made of minerals, while the Mackinaw being a Exhumer, needs Moon materials, which went a lot higher than usual in prices since the active moon mining update.

So it’s more the Mackinaw costing more (it was around 200M when passive moon mining was there), than the Orca becoming cheaper with the minerals prices going down.

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What problem is this solution trying to solve?

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