Problems with spam filter on Character Bazaar

I tried to make a WTS offer on the Character Bazaar not too long ago and it was flagged as spam by a bot within seconds. I was informed by a notification that a moderator would look into it and remove the flag it if it checks out.
What’s the usual ETA on this sort of thing? I need to sell the character ASAP, but I’m not sure if I should just make a new topic selling the same character… It’s already been a few hours.

It does you no good to create new threads as they too would be flagged by Aura (the bot).

So I ought to just wait around then?

So first you make like 4 posts on the bazaar of which you then try to delete 3 for which you got a warning, THEN you spam this same question AND on the bazaar AND in GD because you haven’t spammed enough yet.

Try leavin’ the PC alone for a day, mate.

Yeah, I was being a bit impatient yesterday, and had a rough time at work on top of that. I was being pretty rash about this whole thing and I’m still not used to these new forums. Sorry for the spam bois.

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