Project Abscond of The Initiative. is recruiting (EU/US/AU, EN/IT)

INIT Alliance member. small-mid size corp looking for active PVPers.

Indy: access to r64 moons, ratting space (Querious, Delve, Cloud Ring, and Fountain), and more. 5% tax.

Access to the cheapest supers/titans in game

Min SP: 30m SP (average new member SP is over 60m)
May consider lower for active/returning veteran players
Under 10m SP: invite only

SRP: Yes

PVP: WH diving, stuka fleets, capital engagements (EU>US), mid-scale encounters (UStz), large-scale encounters (EUtz), small+mid scale encounters (AUtz)

Survey app:

Further inquiries? please message or mail:
Concentrati0n#6076 on discord (US)
Istration (US)
rinus kaminje (EU)
Nahve Tegralt (EU)
Superskinny1 (EU)


b u m p


Contact Superskinny1 or any other know members.

INIT to winit.

I, the real slim skinny; endorse in full.

Live at the top with ABSC

I as a person who has worked with this corp quite alot fully recommend them. Some
me of the best players I have met.

Free Bump for you guys, this is one of the best corps i have been in, and had the best people :slight_smile:

<3 bump

b u m p

b ump

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