Project Nightmare Wants You!

Project Nightmare, Razor Alliance. FI.RE Coalition

Nullsec PVP/PVE Corp

Project Nightmare is a new corp to the Null Sec area and we are looking to expand. We are looking for new and experienced PVP pilots to fill our ranks. We have many opportunities and are a pretty tight knit group.

We Offer

  • Fleet Combat

  • Moon Mining r4-64

  • Buyback

  • Ship Replacement Program

  • Mining, Refining and Manufacturing

What We Looking For

  • 18+

  • Omega Clones Preferred

  • New or Experienced pilots who want to PVP

  • Pilots willing to learn and fight as a fleet

  • Ideally 10 million Skill Points, but we are open to new players

Sugar Svengal (AU)
Kelevraen (US)
WickedWraith (US)

Public Channel F3AR.Public


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