Prospero Dawn - High-sec Based Industry and PvE corporation (new-player-friendly)

We’re primarily a high-sec PvE corporation. We run missions, mine, and build. We also offer PvP training with experienced fleet commanders.

We’re currently actively recruiting new members.

A little about us

  • Our focus as a corp is for our members and the corp to prosper.
  • We’re semi-casual. No forced ops, CTAs, etc.
  • We pride ourselves on a welcoming community. Toxicity and elitism are frowned upon, but humor is encouraged.
  • We have skilled pilots who are willing to help you grow, develop and learn.
  • We are spread across multiple time-zones, Mainly US and AUTZ.
  • Buyback programs available for planetary products, ore, mission loot, and salvage (spend more playing, and less time hauling).
  • Weekly training fleets for PvP with experienced fleet commanders.
  • Based in high security space, with access to low security space and nullsec.
  • Our sister corporation is a group of experienced PvPers established in nullsec.

What we’re looking for

  • A good attitude and friendly disposition
  • Omega clone status
  • Desire to continually learn and improve as a player
  • Relatively active, playing 2-3 times a week or more.

Where to get more information

  • Join the chat channel ‘Prospero Dawn’ in game.
  • Message ‘Ethan Xor’, ‘Nozomi Tanaka,’ or ‘Jezzalee Aurellian’ in-game.

We’re still actively recruiting. Looking for folks who want to make ISK, learn, and hang out in a chill environment. If you want to dip your toe into PvP, we’re going to be stepping up a training program.

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