Pure Evil Warriors xPEWx - Highsec Hunter Killers Needed

Are you experienced and totally independent?
Are you driven to provide the highest standard possible to our clients?

xPEWx are hiring hunter killers. Your loot is your reward, your kill is your glory.

Seeking coverage for all time zones. Contact L0rdF1end for interest.

We formed many years ago and flew under the same flag. I am the original CEO, I am back, I am hungry.
Looking to build a small but savage group of like minded players. You need to be highly skilled in the arts of war, acting alone or in small groups.

If you wish to contact me about anything feel free to do so.
You can get me in-game by pinging me directly or sending me an eve-mail.
You can also chat to me in XPEWXPUBLIC.



We are just getting started after a long sleep.
Highsec carebears will be safe no more!
Apply within! All time zones accepted.

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