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We are a small corp aprox 20 players + alts (average SP is 100m +)

100% pvp focused, We have been doing small gang due to our numbers but we are all experienced in fleet warfare but we are not F1 pushers.

99% of members have a capital, majority have multiple caps and the capability for supers.

We are looking for a PVP alliance Low-sec or Null. If we join an alliance we want it to be the right fit as we do not want to hop from alliance to alliance. We are isk sufficient with alts/reserves so dont need any PVE activitys.

We are not interested in merging into a larger corp as this time.

Please reply here, mail me or convo me directly.
Thank you,

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Only thing I can offer is a merge but since we are part of test we have lots to offer. If you change your mind I can get you with our diplo

Hey @Matt_Emery

Our alliance may be a good fit for you all. We seem to have similar mindsets and skillsets when it comes to pvp. I’ll convo you when I’m next online (currently out of town for a few days).

Essentially we’re a US TZ pvp alliance that lives in lowsec Solitude. We regularly roam Solitude/Syndicate and the surrounding areas for fights. There are lots of targets of various sizes and active in various TZs in our area which provides us with good fights. We have few blues and a casual environment where RL is always first.

You’re welcome to join our public chat Open Filth and check out our killboard below:

Our alliance is recruiting, come chat with us

Come check out SLYCE, a lot of freedom to do what you want.

Wormhole space is really fun!

If you guys get tired of attaching yourself to a loosly held together alliance I really highly suggest you guys get your corp into a high class wormhole. Theres tons of C5’s you can set up in.

First of all its freaking empty in here we need more nano fleets to fight.

Secondly you can move to all areas of space and if you guys have everything scanned down and whathave you. you just pop on and you can have people killing ■■■■ in querious and lowsec simultaneously while only being a few jumps apart.

Alliances wont work though because you can’t share bookmarks across alliances but its tons of fun and you guys should check it out.

if you guys want some help setting up feel free to drop by our pub chat or message me in game. This game needs some good wormhole pvp corps and your guys sound like they can roll with. or if you want to join a wormhole nano corp we’re really good at double clicking we could try an alliance or something. It’d ultimately have to end up in some kind of merger for convenience sake. but could be worth a try. for what its worth we aren’t much bigger than you.

PvP addicted alliance is looking for more corporations to join us. [LORDE] - null sec alliance for you!
check us out

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