PVP Focused 2004 Character. 228m SP


I am selling Dscout, his skill sheet is found here


Currently 228,580,853 SP

228 Skills to Level V

If you want a PvP focused character then you need look no more.

No remaining Kill rights, positive wallet. 1 remap available. Sec is -1.7 so can travel anywhere in high sec if that’s your thing, but will be in high sec for transfer.

7 clones

  • 2 High Grade Slave sets omegas plus 7-10

  • 1 Mid Grade Ascendancy set

  • 1 Set Improved (+5s)

  • 1 Mid grade Slaves

  • 1 High Grade Crystals plus 7-10

  • 1 mixed set and skirmish link

  • 43.5m in Gunnery

  • 69m in Spaceship Command

All race subcaps to V, Minmatar, Gallente and Amarr dreads to V . Gallente and Amarr Carrier to V.

Start Bid 210B isk

what is b/o?

190 bil

A number that makes my nether regions warm and tingly.

Thanks for the offer of 190B, but I am in no rush, so I shall decline.

bo offer retracted

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