PvP/Industry oriented Community inviting NewBros & bitter Vets into our Ranks


The Looney Bin / CoW, is a Collective of Veteran PvP Pilots & Combat Industrialists providing a HS/LS ‘home base’ for NewBros & returning Vets, offering everything needed to support your PvP, Indy or PvE needs. Come fly, fight and profit alongside a great community of pilots.

  • Active group, lots of content
  • Low Sec, Null Sec & Wormhole PvP
  • NewBro Friendly! Loads of support!
  • We encourage being active, but not a ‘rule’
  • Ts3 Comms (slim, trim & proven)
  • Low-Sec Ops & Industry!!
  • ALL Time Zones
  • " Wormhole Livin’ " Opportunities, by invite
  • BLOPS/Small Fleet Roams/Structure Bashing/Ally Support
  • SRP on Doctrine PvP ships lost during Ops
  • T1, T2 & T3 Manufacturing, Research & Invention!
  • MANY Moon & Ice Fields w/Buy Back (Salvage too!)
  • Mentoring & Training provided

Join our recruitment channel in-game: Friends of Insanity , and introduce yourself!
Seasoned Vets & New Bros WELCOME!!! We focus on supporting YOUR personal wealth & Eve Experience…not a BLOB agenda. The Loonie Bin is an adult, non-toxic community, where Fun & Comradery are the only real goals.

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