Pvp multiboxer lf Low Sec Pirate Corp

Hey All,

I’m running a 5 box at the moment and looking to bring my characters to low sec. The combat characters are young ~5-7 mil sp each and are nearly well trained up in arty thrashers (for instalock camps). I occasionally inject as my other characters make isk. After arty thrashers I’ll probably train up a swarm of vexors/thorax next (some can sit in a thorax already).

I’m looking for a blast in low sec. I sometimes fly 1 or all 5 depending on the mood, and can usually handle the whole mess reasonably well (at least not get lost on a roam). My setup is financially independent and can usually afford to lose about a bil every other week or so without much issue.

Other than that, I’ve been in the game for a long time via my other characters. My TZ is US MST (-0700). I play late on weekday nights and periodically on the weekends.


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Haha, I 5 box as well but usually keep it above cruisers (with 2 logi).

Add me on Discord and we can dunk sometime, I’m US EST :slight_smile: Porowns#1337

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I was going to suggest this guy I just forgot his name. he’s a good dude I’d pew with him if I were you.

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Thanks for the replies folks, still looking for corp as well. Additionally, I bring comedy in the shape of drinking whilst boxing. Also, I bring science!

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