PVP Pilot's WANTED-Alpha Toons welcome

Looking for pvper’s new and old to come be a hound. What does this mean? It means not just joining a corp, but a brotherhood. brought together by a common goal…Destroy other pvpers. Besides pvp’ing we enjoy smack talk, exploring dangerously unknowns and the occasional mining or do we? Either way joining Hounds you will have co pilots for life. o7

[Apply Today !! // Forums] (http://thehoundsofhades.boards.net/)

★Small/Medium PvP
★Pilots over 5M SP welcome
★WH Ops (Full on)
★PVP ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一一
★Low Sec Ops PvP
★US-EU-German Time Zones
★ALPHA PLAYERS WELCOMEThis text will be hidden

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