(PVP / PVE Null Corp) Ionized Cobalt is Recruiting

Looking for a new place to call home?

You might find it with us :blush:

We are currently a small group looking to expand. We live in NPC Nul Sec with the Blood Raiders.

Our main goal is find PvP in Small Gangs (or solo if you like) and cause mischief and mayhem. However, we also run sites of various types and pop into WH’s from time to time.

So why might we be the corp for you?

  • You like PvP.
  • You like flying in small groups.
  • You’re okay with losing ships.
  • You’re self-sufficient.
  • You like operating by yourself and sometimes taking initiative while being part of a larger social environment.
  • You’re capable of distinguishing between how somebody acts in game and the real person behind the keyboard.

Why we definitely are not the corp for you?

  • You hate PvP.
  • You always want to be on comms for any form of PvP.
  • You think rules and protocols are the best thing ever.
  • You’re easily offended & unable to take jokes.

What do we offer?

  • A social environment.
  • Some extremely knowledgeable players that you can bug with questions.
  • Lots of people that like to fly a range of ships and chat about it.
  • A place where you can just PvP without people giving you aggro about losses or making fun of you for trying something quirky.
  • A growing community.
  • Very low drama.

When might we also be good for you?

You want to try Null sec but are unsure about joining any of the big names for whatever reason. Or they won’t take you because you don’t have the right amount of SP / Skills / Blah blah blah. Come and join us.

Despite wanting to get into fights and cause mayhem all the time we’re actually really quite friendly people. Our small group so far is in the 20-30s age range. However, any age is acceptable as long as you can be mature. We’re also always willing to help people with fitting advice or answer questions in corp chat or on our discord. We try to leave religion & politics outside of the corp as much as possible “The two subjects you never raise in civilized company are religion and politics.” Of course, it sometimes happens, but we try to keep EVE a game and a place of escapism and to check our real life baggage at the login screen as much as possible.

We can be found in Delve – NPC Blood Raider Space.

Our in-game public channel is “Bringing Blood Raiders back” feel free to join and chat with us.

We also have a discord (https://discord.gg/mntwMbW) which you can join which HawkEyeZ (our main Recruiter) can be found at various times even if not currently online in eve. You’re welcome to come and chat here.

Talk with you soon I hope :slight_smile:

Come poke the bee hive with us in nul. :slight_smile:

Looking for a new home after coming back to the game? Or just a new corp in general?

Come talk to us, we might be the place for you :slight_smile:

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