Pyfa - The Python Fitting Assistant - v2.3.0 (Mutaplasmids!)

(CypherHacker) #41

Pyfa math incorrect about curse bonuses at least where range is concerned.
Pyfa shows for instance A-type medium having an optimal range of 49km, when in game it’s actually showing 66km optimal.

(DeMichael Crimson) #42

Well, I gotta say it’s very disappointing to see the OP is no longer active in this thread and no answers being offered to all the bug issues being posted. Course the OP did state “For bug reporting guidelines, take a look at the Wiki on GitHub”.

Anyway, I just wanted to express my gratitude for keeping Pyfa alive and active. I actually used EFT for a long time, even after it stopped getting updated. Course due to CCP constantly making changes on ships I needed to find another 3rd party ship fitting app that was current so I could create and update my ship fits without having to log into the game.

In my opinion Pyfa has definitely worked great as a replacement for EFT and I hope it remains active for a long time. Thank you very much for investing all your time and effort into making this app available to the Eve Online Community, it’s very much appreciated.


(Rizzee) #43

How do you get the new ship data into the app? Is it something we need to download or do we have to wait for a new release?

(Sharcy) #44

Same question as above. :point_up_2:

(LordInvisible) #45

You two should read third post in this topic and then reply in fourth post in this topic…

(LordInvisible) #46

Bug issues are discussed at github level.

And as you can see, all the bug reports are almost instantly answered and/or fixed…

(LordInvisible) #47

Best way is to report bug at gihub:

(DeMichael Crimson) #48

yeah, I know that, I was just making an observation of this thread. I don’t have any issues with the app, other than it doesn’t have the new Assault Frigate changes.


(Sharcy) #49

What does customizable ships have to do with asking about an update to the ship and item database?

(DeMichael Crimson) #50

I just downloaded the most recent update for pyfa and it included the new changes to the Assault Frigates along with the new Assault Damage Control modules.

So I guess the answer is you have to wait for a pyfa update release.

(elitatwo) #51

The recent battleship changes aren’t included yet.

(Rizzee) #52

New version released!

Now, since version 2 is in beta and it will be the only version supporting ESI: Is there a way to copy all fittings from v1 to v2?

(Neugeniko) #53

Once version 2.0 is out of beta I expect it to upgrade the v1 fittings and settings database to v2, and make a backup of v1 fittings and settings database.

Just like upgrading from minor versions, It should be seemless as far as the end user is concerned.

(elitatwo) #54

Pyfa 1.36.0 does not calculate mining amounts correctly.

The mining laser upgrade increases the yield for strip miners and mining lasers. In pyfa, the mining laser upgrade does not apply to strip miners.

(hyesp24) #55

pyfa seems broken atm.

Reactive armor hardneer on / off doesn’t change armor EM resistance and the value for other damage types is incorrect (using uniform damage). Alot of things are also off. Another ship cap stability is 7 minutes on pyfa but is 2 minutes in eve. Turning mod on or off also seems to change those value.

(Cypherous) #56


Using pyfa 1.36.0 and torpedos don’t seem to work at all, i can only toggle the launchers between offline and online, there is no “active” state like with turrets meaning i can’t get any kind of DPS reading, i tried it on the marshal and on a stealth bomber

(LordInvisible) #57

Since EM is usually highest resist on armour, there is no need for reactive hardener to put any resists there most of the time, specially not, if you are using uniform damage application. Try changing damage type to pure EM, it puts 60% on reactive hardener for me on latest version… It correctly distributes all other resists up to accumulative 60% resist. Maybe you just dont understand how reactive hardner works?

Cap stability: please provide fitting that does that…

(LordInvisible) #58

So, you have yellow circle and green tick? Apart from red flames, these two signs are the only one available, there is no “active” mode. Its either only online (yellow circle) or active (green tick). With right click you can also overheat (red flames)…

Post a screenshot…

(Cypherous) #59

Odd, the other day when i used it it only gave me the yellow circle or a red x, it would never mark the launchers with the green tick i re-downloaded it and now it “seems” to be working properly

(Rthulhu Voynich) #60

Under „Preferences“ > „Fitting Engine“ you can turn on/off „Factor in relaod time …“.
I tried different fittings with weapons, ASB and Capacitor Booster with on and off. I always have the same numbers (Cap, DPS etc.). Can someone please check that. Thanks!
Pyfa v 2.0.0b5 (Win7)