Returning player with a few questions

Hey so after a 2 and a half year hiatus of sorts from when the Covid lockdowns hit i finaly have income to sub up again and come back, however as i expected the game is almost entirely unrecognisable and i do have a couple of burning questions including;

-What is the new replacement for EvEMon as that seems to be entirely gone now?

-What is being used instead of EvE Fitting Tool now?

-Where the hell do i access my API/ESI or whatever its current iteration is now?

-Is it possable to get rid of the daily login pop up every time i log into my account so i go grab it when i want to rather than feeling like im logging into cheap chinese mobile game everytime i start up my game?

-Where abouts are all the recent EvE-Online ingame news articles located now as i just cant seem to navigate the main eve online website to all the lore items to catch up on what i missed in the passed 2 years?( swear the site just gets more and more fragmented and worse to navigate as the years go on)

Anyways looking forward to getting back into the game after all these years

Pyfa is pretty awesome as fitting tool. See:

You can access your third party application authorizations here:

Nope, sorry.

We’re playing a game with the feeling of a cheap mobile game now. I dislike these anti-consumer practices in gaming too, but I’m afraid we’re stuck with it if we want to play this game.

You can find those here:

Lastly, about EVEMon: I never used it and wouldn’t know what people use these days to track progression (I simply use the ingame skill queue?), but maybe someone else can answer that question.

Anyway, welcome back!


It is possible to skip the daily login rewards, uncheck the box towards the bottom left:

You can then collect them when you want with the
image icon on your neocom.


You can also download the beta launcher and it has an option of logging in all of your characters on launch all the way to the game screen with no additional input needed. It also bypasses the login screen.

I have not checked recently but as far as I can see EvEMON has not been updated in quite awhile. There has been a whirlwind of changes in the last two years that has made it unworkable.

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