Up to Date Fitting Tool?

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Hi all.

What is the best fitting tool to use out of game, that is the most updatet?

(Black Pedro) #2

Try Pyfa:

(Jenne Wain) #3

+1 Was just updated a couple of hours ago. Love this tool.

(Netan MalDoran) #4

As mentioned, PYFA
EFT was good, but I think they stopped updating it awhile ago :c

(DeMichael Crimson) #5

Actually it seems EFT was updated on March 21,

Here’s the thread:

(Netan MalDoran) #6

About time

(Nora Maldoran) #7

Porbably a good thread to ask:

Since osmium.org is dead (RIP) I haven’t found another browser based online fitting tool.
Is there even one?

(I tend to work form different computers where having things like EFT or Pyfa on a USB drive not always is an option)

(JuuR Zibaoo) #8

i use pyfa … its updated regualr … realy easy to use …

(Netan MalDoran) #10

How about a phone app instead? Works for me.

(Sinjin Pava) #11

Neocom is a must have app if using iOS. It has an imbedded fitting tool (among many other things). Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to transfer fits in and out as it is was with Osmium.

Pyfa is my go to tool however. It houses all my fits.

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