Raata-Shihai Navy Command, Caldari Roleplay and PVE and industry, Not war eligible

Raata-Shihai is a roleplay/PVE corporation loyal to the Caldari State and a member of the Patriot faction currently on long term contract to the Caldari Navy.

We all role-play in Eve Online albeit passively as pilots, traders, miners etc but for me and my new corporation I want to bring back some Roleplay into the game by which I mean were we bring our characters to life over and above left clicking and pressing F1-F8 keys.

Of course this is not everyones cup of tea and that is entirely fair enough just as it is fair enough that I desire to get back into Roleplay in Eve Online.

I host, run and play in several Dungeons and Dragons sessions and it has given me a renewed taste for a deeper level of play which I am aiming to do now in Eve Online.

So about me,

I started playing Eve Online back in 2003 and was a successful member of several high profile PVP corporations and alliances (back before they were a game mechanic) I took a break after many years in battle due to real life circumstances and when I returned those units were still around but much in decline and a few dozen elite pilots had become hundreds of strangers with no killboard stats strutting large on the reputation and name I helped to forge.

So I set up on my own and became a premier Hi-Sec mercenary using my personal combat and leadership skills to command high prices to train up clients forces or fight for them in one case taking on over 200 Russian pvpers hired by our war target to defend them against my 6 pilots. In a battle that lasted more than eight continuous hours (no jokes) in Kakakela my elite pilots utilised the hundred plus bookmarks we had (pre warp to zero days) to jump around one station and snipe them out before moving before they could redeploy. Using these tactics along with a truly gifted ECM pilot I was able to warp in on their CEO and nuke his ship and pod kill him and scoop his corpse and tank the return fire before calmly docking after the timer ran down. The war ended shortly after than with the enemy paying us restitutions and giving us several Navy variant ships.

Several years passed with many contracts completed for happy customers but again life took me away from the game and for a much longer time than I would have liked, I returned from time to time to make the occasional alt and faff about but never having the real time to dedicate myself to a proper “return”

Now I am much older and have managed to squeeze a little game time out of my work life, but not the time I would require to commit to a heavy pvp career again. So here I am with a new avatar, I have sucked the skill points from the old avatar and used them to get some working capital and to skill inject the new avatar.

And with it I have opened my Roleplay corporation.

So what is it about and what are my plans?

In the short term I have got back into running missions for the Caldari Navy and quickly got myself back up to level 4 agents, I always did enjoy this aspect of the game as a relaxing diversion when not at war. I am looking to recruit other mission runners to help boost their standings and open up new agents for them as well as to co-op the level 4s and maybe even the level 5s.

Not because my Golem can’t handle them, it can but I have always been a team player and enjoy training people. So new players and pilots get valuable training and experience and get to make a ton of ISK doing it.

Longer term I want to form a Roleplay alliance for the Caldari within the theme of the Raata-Shihai Navy Command, with other corporations made within this theme initially (such as some sort of “Auxiliary/Logistical Command” for industrials) and then opening the alliance to a wider audience of Caldari roleplayers.

We can then hold our own events and join server events etc.

What I am looking for in a recruit

No skill point minimum, new players and pilots are very welcome and I will do all I can to support you.

Active, my general aim is to provide a roleplay aspect to spice up and enhance your game but you still have to make the effort and turn up and get involved.

Buy into the theme, No one is asking you to do funny voices on comms etc but there will be rules and regulations to abide by regardless of how much you get into the roleplay aspects. We are a disciplined, military unit and everyone is required to hold themselves to the highest standard of behavior in chat and in actions.

All pilots will be Caldari citizens, regardless of racial heritage. This means your character will live in the State and abide by its laws and traditions, it also means you will only be flying Caldari ships with the exceptions of industrial ships like those from ORE and shuttles.

Communications, we will be using discord for all fleet OPs so make sure you have a working mic etc. Also a high standard of English is required to facilitate communications both written and spoken.

Have a proper name, for some reason a lot of people do not use capitals when naming their characters, so “Steve” becomes “steve” this is acceptable but irritating (as an Englishman!) however stupid l33ty names for example “st3v3” is not acceptable and pilots so named will not be eligable and a new pilot will need to be made with a proper name in keeping with the setting.

Caldari people are famous for their industry and self reliance, so be that guy.

I am happy to help and support my pilots but this does not equate to a free ride, practically and in Roleplay terms each pilot must do their part for the community. This means running adequate missions regularly on which the corp tax is a mere 1%. I am still personally footing most of the bills we incur as a corporation but this way each pilot contributes.

Even if you are more a mission runner than you are an active Roleplayer you are still welcome to join as long as you agree to the rules and regulations which any well run corp will have. The specifics will be laid out at a later time as I get forums up and running etc. But in the main its common sense and common decency.

The corp fund has already paid for many blueprint originals for light and cruise missiles to help keep us supplied in ammo (we melt down the mission loot for the materials)

So as well as combat pilots I am looking for industrial types to create the logistical corporation I mentioned before to be part of an alliance.

I have rambled on enough here so I will end by asking you to join the RSNCOM in game channel and speak with me directly for more information and questions.

Caldari pilots in Caldari ships, get out of your NPC corp and sign up now for 1% taxes and the support of like minded comrades.

An additional Golem pilot (plus myself) has joined the fleet, waste no more time and struggle no more with Caldari Navy standing “grind” Sign on with us today.

Closed at OP’s polite request.