RAINBOW Meltdown [NULLSEC, OWN SOV] is recruiting

The newly founded and growing corporation Rainbow Meltdown is Recruiting!! We are looking for active pilots to join us in our new home in Null Sec.

Who are we?

The founding capsulers of Rainbow Meltdown have played EvE for many years, and spent the last 2 years or more flying with each other. We have a huge experience base and an even wider set of interests covering everything from BLOPS to Mining fleets.
Tired of just hitting approach and F1 and wanting to actually fly our own ships?,
Want to be part of something, and not another number?
Fed up of having middle aged men scream at you like toddlers?

What are we looking for?

While PvP might be the reason why many of us play this game, in order to be a successful corporation / fund these activities, we need people who are interested in all areas of the game, from miners to marketers / logisticians and even explorers. Ultimately, we are looking for people who want to get on comms, undock and shoot stuff (be that rocks, rats, cans or other capsulers) .

What we can offer?

  1. PVP - Small gang pvp with a group of people who aren’t afraid to undock, take filaments, camp or bring out the Blops fleet.

  2. Isk generation - via Ratting, Mining / Moon Mining, Exploration and PI.

  3. Experience / Active Comms - a group of people from around the world, who have a wealth of experience in most areas of the game and are happy to assist anyone from a new bro, to a bittervet looking to try something new.

Active Times:

EU - 20:00
US - 02:00


A sense of humour!
Up for building something new from the start
Voice comms (DISCORD / minimum be able to listen / don’t be offended if your asked to be on comms when logged in)
Team Players
No Mandatory SP (hero tackle condors can be the most important ppl in a fleet)

How to find out more:

If you wish to find out more join “Public Rainbow Meltdown”, ask some questions in our public discord or get in touch with:

For EU TZ - Carlos Pedersoli
For US TZ - Turgidprose Charante

Discord link:




Great Dudes, all about community and pew pew.

Only Very recently began learning what krab means. Mostly old small gang, former RvB dudes who own my heart. <3<3<3


Used to fly with these guys in Rvb, can vouch for probably half of them being awesome(Red Fed, Best Fed) to fly with, and the other half passingly so.

Much love, and good hunting boys, see you about :kissing_heart:

Its spelt with a “K” ?

Super chill comms combined with friendships formed from years of flying together in sub-cap small gangs in low sec. Now living, thriving (and crabbing) in their own sov. Basically, the dream realized.

Edit: BTW I have no idea why Carlos isn’t imposing a SP requirement. Pretty sure everyone in the core group is 100m+ SP with several accounts and high SP alts, maybe one talented exception. Players who have extensive pvp experience, especially in small gang and solo, are going to thrive with this group.

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there is one Reason we dont have a SP req. for now.
I can remember someone told and teached us that there is a place for every SP and Expirience in mostly every fleet.
I think it was a former RvB CHairman. :wink:


Who the hell would listen to THAT guy??