Rats of Unusual Size [ROUS.]US/EU TZ C5/C5 High Class Wormhole PVP/PVE

Rats of Unusual Size is a new laid back C5/C5 Dad Corp.

Got kids? Does your wife hate eve with a passion? Want to min/max and get the most for your valuable playtime? Check out Rats of Unusual Size today!

We like EVE, typical nerd stuff and love movies! Come watch the latest releases and binge watch your favorite shows on our discord server (with subs).

ROUS. is a PVP oriented PVE corp that focuses high class wormhole living. Daily activities include wormhole baiting, fleet PVP, Gas mining and PVE site running.

  • War declaration immune
  • Discord Server
  • Tripwire wormhole mapping
  • C5 Living with ample PVP and PVE opportunities
  • 20m minimum skill points required
  • Active in the US and EU time zones
  • Capital Pilots welcome

Please join our Discord Server or DM/ingame mail one of our recruiters Maxis Praxis and Olivia Butterblume.

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EU Time Zones Recruiting:
Please contact: Olivia Butterblume

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