Rave Into Space

Welcome to the game, or welcome back :slight_smile: We are looking for a rowdy crew to take on the game together. So, take a look, we might be a fit. We intend to be new bro friendly and focused, with room for old pros and souls.

Currently, new bros seem to have just 30-45 days to get hooked on the game, we are attempting the quick to relative high risk high isk approach. A yank the band aid off, rather than a dip the toes in the deep end.


Raisp is part of The-Expanse, based in Solitude and Syndicate.

Money making

LS and HS gas. Moons of course. Missions of all kinds.


• Party attitude. Hat optional.
• Desire to grow and learn
• Must join comms and have a working microphone
• Patience to deal with growing pains, and awaiting the Drama Llama to pass
• Auths for all characters

More Information

Recruitment Officers - David Eddingson and Ahban Ozran

Discord - yes, mssg for link, otherwise I will be updating all the darn time.

Killboard - No… don’t look. Quick distraction, this add was totally copied from somebody else :slight_smile:

A bit of history: Rave grew to the point heading to null sov sounded like a good idea. We ended up trusting the wrong people, and the Drama Llama struck with wrecking blows. So, we abandoned our wrecked dreams on the shores of Provi, like so many before, and chose to try Solitude/Syndicate to rebuild. So, after singing “I’m still standing” we are looking at next steps in growing, and hopefully that means you, dear reader, will take a look and decide that yes, we must all fight for our right to party, and will join us on your next eve adventure.

Pub chat is “Rave into Space help, pub, and recruit.”

Thanks for reading, look forward to hearing from you!
And if you totally hate us, let us talk some frigate matchups :slight_smile:

Free bump

The theory is, you answer questions on rookie help, and you get recruits. The reality is, you can chat all day, few players join you. Now, we will try a few different things. Grab your party cups, and hop on coms!

Hey, plenty of room for more people. Bring your friends. Frenemies optional. The cake and the Drake is a lie.



Where does the time go :slight_smile: Time for another post. We are still wandering eve with our party cups. Come and join for the party. Don’t have too much fun and forget the journey :slight_smile:

We might not be your first choice, but we could be your next choice :slight_smile: Troubled references, horrid start? Come get your game back on! We’ll get ya set up. You can bring your Drake.



We are still at it, the game throws curveballs sometimes, but there is that still standing song :slight_smile:

Still recruiting. Party hat and solo cup still optional. Crossing 2 year mark. Get a good game start :slight_smile: Check us out.

bump you up

We missed you at the eclipse party. Still time to sign up.