Razor Alliance - Recruitment

Greetings Capsuleers!

Are you prepared to chart a new course in the vast expanse of New Eden? RAZOR Alliance, standing tall as proud members of the Phoenix Coalition, extends an invitation to pilots seeking adventure in the dynamic region of Cloud Ring. As an autonomous force, we stand resolute, distinctly unaffiliated with the colossal entities of INIT, Imperium, FRT, or Panfam, carving our own path through the celestial tapestry.

Who Are We?

RAZOR Alliance represents a seasoned cohort of pilots dedicated to excellence and mutual camaraderie. With a storied history in New Eden, we’ve navigated the tumultuous seas of nullsec and emerged more robust than ever. Now entrenched in Cloud Ring’s core, we seek kindred corporations to join our ranks.

What We Offer:

:milky_way: Independence: Joining RAZOR Alliance grants you the liberty to shape your destiny in New Eden independently. Unfettered by the directives of colossal coalitions, we pursue our goals without compromise.

:rocket: Active Community: Our alliance thrives on a lively and engaged community. Be you a seasoned veteran or a fledgling pilot, you’ll discover a haven within our ranks. We cultivate an environment where each contribution holds significance.

:fire: Rich Content: Cloud Ring teems with opportunities for both PvP and PvE. From intimate skirmishes to grand fleet engagements, action perpetually unfolds at our doorstep. Join us in the pursuit of glory and wealth!

:construction_site: Solid Infrastructure: RAZOR Alliance furnishes a sturdy infrastructure to bolster your corporation’s ascent. From dependable logistics to meticulously maintained structures, we guarantee our members possess the tools requisite for triumph.

Who Are We Seeking?

We extend our arms to corporations of all sizes and playstyles. Whether your focus is industry, PvP, or a fusion of both, RAZOR Alliance has a niche for you. If you cherish autonomy, camaraderie, and the thrill of nullsec existence, we eagerly anticipate hearing from you!

How to Apply:

Should you yearn to unite with RAZOR Alliance and weave your tale within the Phoenix Coalition, reach out to us today. Connect with our recruitment team on our Discord server RAZOR Public Relations or dispatch an in-game missive to Aurelia Breeze. Let the journeycommence!

Seize the chance to be part of an ascendant force in New Eden. Join RAZOR Alliance, carve your destiny, become part of a Legend.

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Fly safe, fly proud, soar with RAZOR Alliance! :rocket:
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