¤rçà M¤¤ñ Míñìñg ~ ∂éà∂ ⌡é∂ì §âñç‡úàrµ

               Wê£ç¤mè ‡¤ ‡hè §âñç‡úàrµ

                  ∂éà∂ ⌡é∂ì §âñç‡úàrµ

“Do! Or do not. There is no try.”

We specialize in High Sec Moon Mining.

The “∂éà∂ ⌡é∂ì §âñç‡úàrµ” Corporation does not hold any structures so our miners can travel High Sec without War Declaration.

We have a good collection of moons to stay busy and are taking Applications from Orca Pilots… Please apply in game…

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